Prepare tattoo shop Markham. Stabby'zz tattoo artist stretching skin and applying tattoo machine needle to tattooed skin
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So, you’ve made the choice to get inked, and you’re aiming for the best tattoo experience possible but now you are wondering how to prepare for your tattoo . You’re considering different tattoo shops, specialized styles like black and grey realism or intricate line work, and you’ve heard that StabbyZz Studio is the place to be. Tattoos in Markham have never been more popular. Nestled in the artistic community of Unionville, our studio offers more than just a tattoo; we offer a life-long experience worth cherishing. Here’s how to prepare:

Research Your Artist and Style

Before you step into our comfy studio, it’s essential to have an idea of what you want. Are you drawn to realism, or do you lean towards line work? Browse through our portfolio to see if the styles we specialize in resonate with you. Our artists will work with you to create the best design to for your dream tattoo. We specialize in black and grey realism, capturing life-like images with incredible detail. If you’re leaning towards something more abstract, our line work is unparalleled.

Budgeting for Your Tattoo: An Investment Worth Making

Known for our high-quality output, we encourage you to see your tattoo as an investment. Plan your budget keeping in mind that you’re opting for some of the best tattoo artistry available. Our artists are committed to honing their craft and delivering a well-healed work of art, so rest easy knowing that you are in good hands.

Pre-Tattoo Checklist: Get Comfy and Prepared

Our studio is designed to make you feel at home. We offer coffee beverages, sugary snacks, and on the coveted historic street of Main Street Unionville, there are plenty of food options to keep your strength up during your breaks. During your session, we’ll have movies and tv shows playing to distract you from the pain. We won’t get offended if you’d rather go headsets on with your own devices and podcasts, too! On the day of your appointment, wear loose, comfortable clothing. Make sure you’re well-fed and hydrated; you’re in for an exciting day!